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Philip Emery
United Kingdom
About Me:
I am a retired computer lecturer.
Married to Susan with one 20 yr old
son - Christopher.

I am looking to learn a 'few'
languages so that when I retire I
can travel the world and converse
with as many people as I can and
not expect that they should learn
English just to talk to me.

Love music - computing -
language(s) (Spanish) and sports.
(Swimming and badminton)

Looking to make friends on line and
hopefully arrange exchange visits
if mutually agreeable.

Mi nombre es Philip. Habito en
Codsall en Inglaterra.
Hablo espanol un poco, pero estudio
por seis meses ahora.
En éstos seis meses tengo
aprendido conjugaciones de verbos.
Pero no tengo mucho experiencia de
Necesito experiencia con gente de
España para mejorar.

¿Tiene alguien alguna sugerencia
en cómo conseguir un trabajo
temporal en España de modo que yo
pudiera aprender?
I speak
English (Native)
I speak
Spanish (Moderate)
I speak
German (Beginner)
boldric - 01 Oct 2008
I received your paper about Spanish and it is a work of art so simple but so good thank you plus I sent £5 to the british Diabetic Association as a form of payment once again thank you
smephil - 04 Aug 2008
Hi everybody. Does anyone know how to survive in Spain, ie how to get temporary work and accomodation in order to get the chance to use the language with native speakers?
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